Photo of the Week
December 1, 2013

We are going to focus on some great tourist photos in the next few weeks.  I have be collecting different photos of tourists visiting the construction sites and find them very interesting.  For instance, the photo above.  Here we have a tourist train parked on the edge of Culebra Cut with tourists looking on from the observation area.  Imagine the liability of doing this in such a volatile area considering all the slides that were taking place on the sides of the freshly dug big ditch.  Maybe they had to sign a waiver..?  Look up at the right hand corner of the photo and you can see housing right on the edge of the cut.  I don't think I could sleep very well at night with my house tittering on the edge of moving ground.  Gold Hill is see in the distance to the left of the photo, so I would say this housing is probably the town of Culebra or Empire.

There appears to be a worn path down from the observation area traveling down into the cut.  Next weeks photo will elaborate on that path.

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