Photo of the Week
April 14, 2019

Okay......we are still working on the Thatcher Ferry with this wonderful piece of history.  I am so glad the PCC had the insight to have a photographer snap this capture in time.  Here we have the ferry boat President Roosevelt taking U.S. Army soldiers and escort wagons across the Canal.  The caption reads that these troops were on maneuvers and coming back to the east bank of the Canal.  The escort wagon was the backbone of the army for years carrying supplies and personnel where ever needed.  These were like the 2 1/2 or 5 ton trucks the army uses today.....or whatever the latest mode of transportation is.

The old escort wagons must have been perfect for the harsh terrain and mud in Panama.  These wagons were modeled from those rugged old covered wagons that took the early pioneers across the United States to settle out west.  The photo below I found on the Internet of one of these escort wagons that has been restored. What a beautiful job that this person did.

CZ Images contributor Peggy Huff sent in the ferry photo.  Thank you Peggy.


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