Photo of the Week
September 14, 2019

This week we are looking at a couple of other photos from the collection of Fay H. McCain.  These photos show what I believe is Fay's 75 ton Panama Railroad steam crane and is the same crane that was in last week's photo page.  The crane has gotten itself in a bad situation.  It appears the crane was trying to get the little Belgian locomotive back on the tracks and slipped of as well.  Probably too much weight on an unstable foundation of mud and dirt.

The photo below show another crane has come to the rescue so they hope.  The guy standing on the left of the group looks like Fay.  This must have been a nasty and hot job to have.

The U.S. 522 is one of the refurbished Belgian locomotives that the French left behind when they failed to build the Canal.

More of Fay's photos in the next few weeks.


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