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August 13, 2006 

CZ Images contributor Mauro Martinez sent me this great photo the other day of the Christ Church by the Sea .This majestic old church has stood on the Colon peninsula since 1865.  As written in the book "Panama Guide" by John O. Collins 1912, 

"The gray stone building in modified Gothic style, immediately west of the Hotel Washington site, is Christ Episcopal Church, which was built by contributors from the Panama Railroad Company and missionary societies.  It was dedicated in 1865 and , except for a few years, when it was used as a Colombian arsenal, barracks, and storehouse, has under the jurisdiction of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, its government was changed to the Anglican Church in 1883, when thousands  of British negroes came fro the the West Indies to work on the Canal, and in 1907 it passed to the American Episcopal Church, when the American canal work had been established.  Both whites and blacks worship here, but the majority of the members are negroes."

As you can see the old church stands proud today after 141 years.  I was honored to visit this grand old building three years ago when I took a trip to Panama.  We went inside and met with the current minister and took a tour which included climbing the stairs up into the tower.  I have a pamphlet that I picked up while there and can't find it at this time.  It has some interesting historical information about the old church.  I also have some great photos I took inside the church which I hope to publish as a mini presentation sometime in the future.

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