Photo of the Week
July 25, 1999

Curundu Clubhouse before it burned down. I don't know what year this was taken.  I got this picture from Temi the old San Blas Indian that says he worked in the clubhouse since it's beginning. He continued to work in the new clubhouse once it was built. He retired a few years ago. Old Betty Cherry was the manager here for years.  She was still working for MWR when I left in 1996.  Note the old wooden houses in the background. They are all long gone.  I remember the night this clubhouse burned. We could see the glow in sky from Los Rios. The next day we went to check it out. The paint on the side of the theater (directly across the street) was blistered. When they built the new clubhouse, some of the old foundation was never used and you can still see the old tiles still connected.  My office was located in the new club house for 4 years. We had to move out as part of the getting ready for turn over time.  Does anyone remember what year it burned down? (Visitor wrote in that it was 1969)

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