Photo of the Week
July 12, 2020

Here is another mover and shaker group photo.  In the next few weeks, I am going to search these guys out and see who is who.  Our famous Earnest "Red" Hallen is third from the right in the front row.  That is the second photo that Hallen has shown up in.  The first man in the front row is Thomas I. Grimison who is the great grandfather of my friend Richard Grimison.   Now that is great stuff to find my friends grandfather in one of these old photos.  The Society of the Chagres was an organization formed for those with service time  during the construction of the Canal.  All these in this photo are Roosevelt Medal recipients.  I have added two links that you can read about the society.  The UF link has a link that will take you to the yearbooks of the Society.  I have a set of these books and are very interesting.

The caption part of the photo is hard to read so I typed it out below. The last two men in the front row names are off the photo.

Chagres Society Outing Taboga, May 11, 1930

Top row: W.H. Bolen, 1907; D.F. Donahue, 1904; A.F Sickler, 1906; Jack Meehan, 1904

Second row: H.R. Westcott, 1906; W.S. Perry, 1905; Gerald Bliss, 1905; Howard Baxter, 1906; W.F. Morrison, 1906

Third row: F.L. Sala, 1908; C.M. Lupfer, 1905; C.O. Carlson, 1905; W.H. Witmer, 1906; William Ramey, 1906; R.H. Draughn, 1907

Bottom Row: Thomas I. Grimison, 1907, R.M. Davies, 1906; F.H. Sheibley, 1896; George H. Watts, 1905; E. Hallen, 1906, ?, ?


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