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November 15, 2015

This week we have some very recent photos sent in by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall this past week.  Bill was on one of his cruise ship transits last week and was able to get off the ship and visit the new Agua Clara locks (Gatun)

Bill, You might find this interesting.   Got to cross the new locks as they have taken the road away to Gatun.  Over to Gatun on lower gate of Agua Clara Locks and back to Colon on the upper temporary road that crosses south of the locks.  The road is on  the rock that still blocks off the water from Gatun Lake to the new locks.  Guess Gatun is still not an island until this rock is removed.  It is all gone north of the locks.  They are going to put two ferries in service to take care of the traffic and the single bridge gate at Gatun Locks is still in use.  The new French built bridge won't be ready until 2017  Bottom picture is looking out where the road to Gatun Locks was and you are seeing the access channel to the Agua Clara Locks.  Taken from the lock gate you can see the crossing in the first picture.  Middle is the lower chamber from the crossing gate.  Long wait in bus to cross and it was not the busy time of the day.  I am on a ship on the way to California.  We transited on the 10th.  I took the pictures on the 9th.  You may use them if you like.  

By the looks of these photos that Bill sent, things are really changing back home.  The size of the new lock chamber is impressive!!  It appears that the new bridge (bottom photo) is going to be similar to the Centennial Bridge by Paraiso.

Thank you for sending in these great photos Bill.



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