Photo of the Week
January 24, 1999

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The "Raspado Man" adding the final and best touch to a strawberry raspado, "THE CONDENSED MILK" !  Boy does this bring on the memories!  My mouth is watering!!   I used to give the guy an extra nickel to put more milk.  It would be interesting to sample this ice and condiments and see what the bacteria content is.   Not a problem!!  I and many other Zonians ate many of these wonderful little treats back home an never got sick.  I have had more ailments since I have lived in the U.S. than when I was back home consuming all kinds of questionable food and beverages.   I never forget eating at some very raunchy establishments throughout the interior.   They had the very best cuisine I have ever had.  I was sitting in a make shift shack one time in Ocu, during the Ocu Fair, eating Sancocho de Pollo.  I happened to look off to the side and behind the shack and here was a pile of the rest of the chicken.   This didn't stop the kid, as this was the very best Sancocho I had ever tasted.   They call this type of chicken, "Pollo de Patio".  These chickens eat what they can find in the yard and not force fed chicken feed.                Photo by Danny Norman

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