Photo of the Week
March 6, 2016

CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent me these recent photos of what New Cristobal housing looks like today.  New Cristobal was a portion of land that was cut out of the city of Colon and U.S. housing was built in this area.  There were quite a few houses built in New Cristobal.  The housing was practically the same type of houses you would find in Gatun, Gamboa, Diablo and some in Balboa.  New Cristobal was absorbed into the city of Colon after the U.S. turned the area over to Panama.  These old houses have stood through the years and many of them are still standing and in use by residents of Colon.  I once lived in the type house above and in one of the up and downs below when living in Gamboa.

Thank you Bill for sending in these photos.




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