Photo of the Week
January 25, 2009 

This week's photo was sent in by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall.  He took this photo recently while transiting the Canal.  I thought the subject matter was very interesting to post for all to see.  The Panama Canal Authority is practicing locking down ships without the use of towing locomotives.  This is in preparation for the new locks that are going to be built.  Here is Bill's comments:

"This is apparently a test to see how the new locks will handle ships with tugs instead of towing locomotives.  It did not seem to be working too well, as they kept hitting the side of the lock walls.  The 4 locomotives were there for safety reasons, as they did not seem to be involved in the tow.  Their cables were slack and the tugs were trying to move the vessel through the locks.  We followed them all the way to the Pacific Anchorage.  I am speculating that this was a test, but what else could it be if you read the literature about how the new locks will operate."

Thank you Bill for sending this very interesting photo in.

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