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January 15, 2017

We are continuing with our study of the Red, White and Blue Troupe of the Canal Zone this week. Here is a really great and historical photo of Henry Grieser and Admiral Richard Byrd meeting at the Balboa Swimming Pool in the 1930s. I can't find an exact date, but will continue looking.  As you can see there are a bunch of youth surrounding Grieser and Byrd.  According to what I have read the RWB Troupe performed for Admiral Byrd as they were famous for performing for many dignitaries, tourists and military personnel. Grieser surely created a wonderful thing called the Red, White and Blue Troupe.

Two weeks ago I posted a bit of history about Grieser and the Troupe (click here).  In that article, I mentioned a film produced by famed sportswriter Grantland Rice in 1938 for his GRS Sportslights Series.  I purchased this film from the Panama Canal Museum a few years ago on a DVD.  They obtained the film from UCLA.  Paramount Pictures owns the copyright to this film and it was lucky to get the film for educational purposes.  I learned how to convert the DVD into a MP4 Video and have downloaded here on CZ Images so that everyone can enjoy it.  This is a spectacular film all out the RWB Troupe and some jaw dropping scenes that will never be done or allowed to be done in the Panama Canal.

There is a 40 second leader with a blank screen that you will have to bear with before film starts.  I could have cut it off, but I didn't want to alter the film in any way. You will need to turn on your speakers and have a video player installed on you computer.  Most computers have a video player these days thanks to Bill Gates.

Click on the image below and enjoy.  The total time of the film is about 11 minutes.

More to come next week.



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