Photo of the Week
July 15, 2018

Continuing with the  Don Scheltmeyer's collection of 35mm slides.  Once again we are at the mouth of the Chagres River near Fort San Lorenzo.  The photo above is perspective of Fort San Lorenzo that I and I bet many have never seen.  Here is a beach up the coast from the Chagres River that evidently was visited to take a dip.  You can see San Lorenzo in the distance and center.  I wish I had visited this beach back in the day as it was probably a good area to look for bottles and relics.  It was quite rough the day this photo was taken which makes me think what is was like on a rough day back when the Spanish Galleon or '49er sailing / steamer boat trying to get passengers on or off the vessel.

Below is an aerial of this area that a screen captured off Google Maps where you can clearly see the beach today that is in the photo above.




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