Photo of the Week
August 14, 2022

We have a similar but different container / trailer transport method this week.  We had the Sea-Land company last week  that started the shipping container business a started the multi-billion dollar enterprise around the world.  This week we have the Panama Railroad trying out what they called "piggy back".  This method of transportation would facilitate the moving of goods across across the Isthmus of Panama instead of the tractor trailer method.  The trailer being transported has Commissary painted on the side, so this would be carrying a shipment to a commissary.  This would be quicker than loading and unloading a box car.  Once the trailer arrived on the Atlantic or Pacific railroad yard, the trailer would be taken off the flat car and towed to it's final destination all within a few hours.

This photo was taken from the hill of Morgan's Gardens.  The Chinese gardens are across the highway.  This is a really great and historical photo.

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