Photo of the Week
November 25,  2002

    I couldn't resist this image for this week's posting!  We went to the store last week to purchase our Thanksgiving turkey and I had flash backs of times back home.  Every year when the Turkeys and Hams arrived at the commy, most of them ended up downtown.  I remember contraband in the Canal Zone days and it continued up until the end at the Army Commissary.  I remembered that I had a t-shirt in my dresser drawer that had this comical little scene above.  Not scanned is the captions that go with the image.  On top of the image it says, "In the United States Turkey Means Thanksgiving" and then under the image it says, "In the Panama Canal Zone It Means Contraband".  The guy running in the back has a hat on that says Zonian.  This is a classic! I wonder where they get their turkeys and hams today?
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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