Photo of the Week
September 26, 2004 

     Here is a new view of the Pedro Miguel Locks that isn't commonly seen.  This image was taken from a 35mm slide from CZ Images contributor Bob Newell.  Bob took this photo in 1956 from the West Bank of the Canal looking at Pedro Miguel Locks and town.  Cerro Luisa stands tall.  This tall hill is where many old post card and photos were taken from showing the Pedro Miguel Locks and town.
      There are a few notable things about this photo which I think are historically significant.  First, and hard to see, the emergency dams are being disassembled.  The one on the West wall is almost done while the East wall dam is still in place.  The second is a rare view shown in the foreground where the minimal dry excavation of the Third Locks was performed.  This photo was taken just 10 years after the Third Locks excavation ceased.  The black top road is the old road that takes you out to Contractor's Hill, Empire and all the old canal construction town sites.  Thanks for this great old photo is surely a classic.

Long live the memory of the Canal Zone!!!

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