Photo of the Week
September 26, 2021

This week we have a photo of a building that was dear to my heart.  Some would say, "really", but it was.  Balboa High School's wood, metal and auto shop was the place to be.  I took all the classes offered there during school hours and then some.  I would sign up every summer to work in the wood shop.  It had all the tools you needed and free lumber.  Good lumber too.  I built all kinds of projects like the desk I am sitting at right now, a large and small dresser and others.  This experience has led me into a lifetime of wood working up to this day.  My wife and I have several projects going on in our garage now and always.  I don't even know if the old building is still there.  It must have been on the PCC inventory as a shop prior to the high school taking ownership as the entire floor was made of I believe 4 x 4 pieces of wood standing on end and looked old.  Balboa High do or die you are the school we love the best.......

Long live our Canal Zone memories.  


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