Photo of the Week
April 15, 2007 

As a follow up to last week's photo, here is the same place, but certainly a different era.  CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent me this photo that he took on a recent visit to Panama.  When Bill saw the photo I posted last week's photo. Bill's photo clearly shows how much the old Balboa Dry Dock area has changed since the container port has come to be.  There is however one old recognizable item there that was in last week's photo.  Center in the photo above, still painted black is the old American Hoist & Derrick Co. crane that was holding up the 1015 lb. Sawfish in last week's photo.  They made good quality equipment in the old days as this old crane is still busy at work after all these years.  I blew up and cropped out just the old crane below.


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