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February 8, 2004

It is dry season in Panama now and the Guayacan are either in full bloom or getting there.  It is always so nice to see these beautiful trees in the Panama jungles.  Last March during my trip to Panama, we visited the Archaeological Park of 'El Caņo' Located in the town of El Caņo, in the province of Cocle.  El Caņo is a sample of the impressive Cocle Indian Culture. El Caņo has burial sites and tombs, ornate columns at the ceremonial sites, burial site of the 'cacique' and a typical hut that represents the home of the Indians with domestic animal and utensils used at the time of the arrival of the Spanish.

This was  a great place to visit.  The bohio in the photo covers a excavated mound tomb showing remains of those buried many years ago.  I will show photos of El Caņo at a later date, as today, I want to celebrate the Guayacan tree.

The photo above shows a young Guyacan near the Indian mound.  Although you cannot see it in the photo, the ground is covered with blossoms that have dropped from the tree.

This is probably the closest I have ever been to a blooming Guyacan as I have always seen them from a distance in the jungles of Panama.

God the beauty of Panama is the best!!

Below, is a closer photo of those beautiful yellow blossoms. 

Close ups of  Tabebuia guayacan Family : Bignoniaceae

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