Photo of the Week
January 22. 2006 

      As a follow up from the photo of the week two weeks ago, here is another "today" photo taken in almost the same area as the vintage photo. Once again, this week's photo was sent to me by Allan Hawkings  If you click back and forth to the old and then the new, you can of course see changes.  You can no longer see St. Mary's Church nor  the other buildings on the hill.  The trees have taken over.  The spot where the old Panama Canal Restaurant / Balboa Police Station is now empty since the building was demolished during operation "Just Cause".   The old wooden buildings on to the right hand side of the photo are long gone and replaced by cement buildings such as; Canal Zone Credit Union, Christian Science, Panama Canal Pilots Association, etc.  
       I wonder if the old street car tracks are buried under the road's cement.

Thanks for the photo Allan....

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