Photo of the Week
October 8, 2000

Here is an interesting old photo.  This group of men are some kind of fraternal organization called the "Cholo Tribe No. 5.  There is a banner hanging on the wall behind them that has I.O.R.M., Cholo Tribe No. 5, Gorgona.  There are many different and very interesting costumes on these guys.  I especially like the little bald guy in the middle with the big ax.  He is wearing robe with a skull and cross bones on the front.  Anyone ever hear of the "Cholo Tribe"?  Click the image for a larger image for closer study. Since release of this photo, I received a message with a possible theory of what I.O.R.M. stands for.  I.O.R.M has been found on many old grave markers and stands for "Improved Order of Red Men".  Great stuff!! Here we have this organization out in the middle of the Panama jungles.  Who would ever imagine?    

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