Photo of the Week
November 12, 2000

This week's photo is an awards ceremony for Canal Zone Police Officer in Empire.  Colonel Goethals is presenting the awards.  Must have been a pretty important day to have the Goethals there to do the presentations.  The most interesting part of this photo are the advertisements painted on the baseball field's outfield wall.  I remember when they were building the ball fields in Balboa years ago when companies paid for a part of the outfield wall for ad space.  This photo is actually an 8 x 10 that can be read better than in the above image, so I made up a few crop blow ups of the fence for you to see.  I am sure you will find it as interesting as I have.

Added note after publication:

Bill, This was the CZP Pistol Team being presented with awards. My Dad was on that team. The top three are being given their awards by Goethals and Pop is in the 2nd or middle group as the last man on the right.
George Chevalier

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