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November 5, 2023

First thing a report on my brother Barry.  As you know he had a heart attack last week Saturday and was medivaced  to a hospital.  This is a very good hospital and immediately got him comfortable and calm for surgery.  They finally did the surgery on Friday with remarkable results after a quadruple bypass.  He is healing and all the plumbing is working great.  He is in a lot of pain today, which is to be expected when they go into you rib cage.

Barry and I were working on this photo before he got sick.  A friend sent me a link to Google Map and this scene with the newly installed street view in Panama.  This building is opposite of what used to be the Mount Hope train station.  It has now been quite a few years since I passed this way, but I do remember this building and another just beyond towards the water plant (seen in the distance).  There was a parking lot next to this building to serve the train station.  The building is now in pretty bad shape, but we are trying to find out what it was back in the Canal Zone days.  Any help would be appreciated.  

Just speculating here, but the Mount Hope Cemetery is behind this building.  I wonder if the superintendent of the cemetery lived in this house?

I received a reply from a CZImages visitor that actually lived in this house.  Here is his email to me:

"Hi Bill,

This house was built by Texaco to house its oil execs and as a ballroom. Rev. Edwin C. Webster, my dad, acquired it in 1959 as the rectory for St Margaret's Episcopal church in Margarita. We lived there from 59 to 65 then returned in 69 for 6 months. He was the priest at St Margaret's from 59 to 65, then at Christ Church by the Sea in Colon from 65 to 69, then he became the dean of the cathedral at St Luke's in Ancon from 69 to 77. What a wonderful life for my family. Thank you for your site!

Jim "


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