Photo of the Week
January 27, 2008 

This week's photo is a follow up to a couple that I posted in the past.  This is an official PCC photo of the Ancon Club House which was a grand old building.  The two other photos posted in the past were April 2, 2006 and May 2, 2006.  Click the date to view the other postings.

This week's photo was submitted by Nina Brown.  I have cropped the original scanned photo to give you a better perspective of the building.  This old black and white photo was taken in January 1921 according the photo's caption (not pictured).

I love the old pick up truck or two-seater parked out front.  Although it is hard to read, there is a sign hanging off the corner of the building with the club house name.

Another snap-shot in our Canal Zone history.

Thanks Nina....

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