Photo of the Week
December 12, 1999

This week's photos are scenes from a place very dear to lots of us Zonians.  At Christmas time every year, the Panzers in Diablo would decorate their yard with many different yard ornaments. What was so unique about the Panzer display, was that the wooden figurines were animated and moved.   We would visit the display every year.  Stop the car and just stare for a little while in awe.  Later in my life, when I finally got me a house and a yard to call my own, I began doing the same.  My family and I have many wooden yard ornaments that we have made.  It is always so much fun each year to decorate the yard for Christmas. I hope you enjoy these two old slides from 1963.  They were very dark and I had a hard time getting them somewhat viewable.  The slides were taken by Perry Truxton. The Locks Locomotive was actually made at the Locks by names unknown.  Compliments of the season to everyone.


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