Photo of the Week
April 8, 2001

This is a picture I took back in November 1973 of the Gatun Spillway during a 14 open gate spill.  The significance of this photo is how the string of buoys is being drawn towards the spillway from the intense current.  This string of buoys prevents small craft from entering in the spillway area.  This would not be a good day to be in this area in your pleasure boat.  Gatun Locks can be seen in the distance.

Here is an aerial view that gives you a better perspective of the intense amount of water flow that is coming out of the lake.  The string of buoys normally stretches straight across. They must have some really good anchors holding strong. This Panama Canal Review photo was taken either during the same spill or another in the early '70s.  It is ironic that in just 4 -5 years, the lake dropped to a record low in '77 - '78.  It is either too much water or note enough.  This is the game that mother nature plays with the Panama Canal.

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