Photo of the Week
November 21,  2010 

We are taking a little deviation from Kibby's collection this week and I have a great photo for this week's photo.  I won't mention names, but this photo was sent to me from someone that worked for Dredging Division during the time of what I call the "Great Train Robbery".  Everyone remembers Old 299 parked at Balboa Train Station for many years as a display.  Just before the treaty took affect and in the darkness of night, 299 was put back on the main tracks of the PRR and towed to somewhere where the Floating Crane Hercules was waiting and  then loaded on the Hercules's deck.  I have a photo that I took the next morning in Gamboa of the 299 sitting on the Hercules's deck.  The Hercules then took 299 to the Atlantic Side and was loaded onto the SS Cristobal.  That is what you see in this photo.  299 was destined for Paterson, New Jersey where 299 and 99 others in her class were made. (Click Here).  The owner of this photo has some more photos and will be sending them to me in the future to post.

Note: I mentioned last week I was going to have back surgery.  All went very well and am recovering now from a very successful operation and feel wonderful.  No more pain.  It will be a couple of months before I can get back to normal activities, but was well worth it.  Thanks to all who wrote and said prayers. 


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