Photo of the Week
June 11. 2006 

     As a follow up to last week's photo, I had a few people write in and add to the topic of the ladder dredge Corozal.  I had mentioned the model that was once in the old Civil Affairs Building in Ancon.  Well, the model is still alive and very well!  CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent in this wonder photo he took recently at the museum at Miraflores Locks.  This model shows an excellent detail the old dredge.
     In regards to my comment about why the Corozal was in a very hard and rock area, my good friend Joe DuVall sent me an email with these comments:

"Many times a piece of equipment was used to supply steam/compressed air for drilling or other equipment like lighting, pumps, fire fighting/wash down, galley and quarters for working crews or just a work platform for projects and slides.  From the looks of this photo, it is obviously the Corozal would not be the choice of dredge for that area."

     Thank you Bill and Joe for adding to the photo of the week.

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