Photo of the Week
March 6, 2005 

     This week is "What Is It" equipment photo of week.  I recently purchased this old post card as it sparked an interest in me as to what this piece of floating equipment it was was important enough to be U.S. No. 1. The back of the card has written "Toro Point", which is part of Fort Sherman.
     After looking through some old PCC photos that I have on CD, I saw a similar looking craft which was has U.S. Derrick Barge No. 2 on the front.  (see below).  The Derrick Barge No. 2 photo was also taken in the Toro Point area during the construction of the Atlantic Breakwater in 1912.  This barge was used to place large natural rock boulders and manmade cement blocks along breakwater.
     Now back to U.S. No. 1.  I am not sure if this is a Derrick Barge as it had a larger and different shaped superstructure on the bow.  The smoke stack is also shorter than U.S. 2.  There doesn't seem to be a derrick boom either.  U.S. 1 could have been in for repairs at the time this photo was taken and the boom removed.  I don't know.  Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on this?  By the way, there is a small steam tug tied up to the U.S. 1.  That is the taller smoke stack toward the rear of it.

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