Photo of the Week
June 4, 2000

I should have posted this great photo last week for Memorial Day.  This photo is of a commemorative plaque that is/was mounted on the outer wall of the Administration Building in Balboa.  It reads:

To the memory of those from the Panama Canal Zone who gave their lives in the service of their country in the World War.  Let those who come after see that these men shall not be forgotten.  Dated 1917 - 1918. 

Now their memory is here on cyber space.

This photo was taken by Art Mokray a couple of months ago.  I mentioned to Art that I wonder how long it will last now that the Americans are gone.  He told me that he heard plans of it's removal, but didn't know any specifics.  Here is another part of our Canal Zone history that may be disposed of.  A proper place for it would be at the American section of the Corozal Cemetery.

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