Photo of the Week
June 15,  2002

   My bi-weekly series of photos commemorating the Canal Zone Police continues with this original photo from the John Williams album.  John Williams is in the front row, third from the right.  He is the same John Williams in the past Empire photo.  This group shot is circa 1913.  Note the palm fronds for effect in this photo.... 

Now below, out of the Canal Zone Police Association Farewell Ball booklet that has contributed several of the past tribute photos comes a modern day group photo.  It was very hard to get a decent scan off this page, but found this photo to be very interesting.  See the palm fronds as in the 1913 photo?  They tried to carbon copy the 1913 photo's set up.

This is a wonderful "Then and Now" situation.

Isn't this stuff great!!!!

These photos are the eighth of a bi-weekly salute to the Canal Zone Police as we get closer to the 2002 Panama Canal Society Reunion.  This year,  both the Panama Canal Society and Panama Canal Museum will be having activities in honor of these great men and women at the 2002 Reunion.  See the past salute photos in the Photo Archives.

As a side note, I had this posted in my CZ Images Guest Book:

As a matter of history the two first Panamanian policemen assigned to Red Tank were Officers Felton Gill and Ephraim Innis both lived and worked in Red Tank prior to its closing.

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