Photo of the Week
Cinco de Mayo, 2002

Continuing my series of photos commemorating the Canal Zone Police, here are three great photos of "Line-Up" role call and the last being an awards ceremony.  The top photo is from 1960 and the one below is from 1968 and the one at the bottom is from a 1972 Marksmanship award ceremony.  Note the shoulder patches, uniforms and head gear as the years progress.  The first two have the early triangular shape patch and the last showing the newer and last style patch used by the Canal Zone Police. See examples of patches by clicking here.  The bottom awards ceremony has William Kessler presenting the Marksmanship award.  Kessler became Chief of Police in 1973, one year after this photo and  was the last Chief of Police in  the American era of Canal Zone Police.


Long live the memories of the Canal Zone!

These photos are the fifth of a bi-weekly salute to the Canal Zone Police until the 2002 Panama Canal Society Reunion.  This year,  both the Panama Canal Society and Panama Canal Museum will be having activities in honor of these great men and women at the 2002 Reunion.

These photos were scanned from the program booklet of the Canal Zone Police Association Farewell Ball held at Albrook Officers Club, February 6, 1982.

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