Photo of the Week
February 25, 2018

 I found this photo while researching the Gatun Spillway and Hydroelectric a few weeks ago and thought it worthy of getting a copy.  Here you have a group of Canal Construction workers assembling a brand new Rising Stem Gate Valve Machine No. 429 in the upper Miraflores Locks.  I believe the spelling of stem as stern is incorrect.  Anyway, the thing that caught my eye about the workers in the photo is the guy in the middle with dark colored brim hat and the baby face.  This guy looks very young to be one of two gold workers on this most important job.  I am going to research some more on the installation of these machines to find out if factory representatives were sent to the Canal Zone to install these machines.  This would make sense because of the complexity of the assembly.

Great old photo published by the GE Publication Bureau and the image comes from the Museum of Innovation and Science Schenectady.  Schenectady


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