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April 17, 2016

This week we are taking a deviation from the Canal Zone Scouting photos to show everyone the BREAKING NEWS in Panama.  CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent me this photo this week and is showing our anticipated reality had final become reality. Without any fanfare, drum rolls or bugles blasting, ACP has finally severed the last surface land tie to what was once Gatun.  Gatun is now an island.  As shown above, they are beginning to remove the dike separating the new Aqua Clara Locks and Gatun Lake.  Although very historic, it leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouths of Zonians, especially those that once called Gatun their home.  A friend of Bill sent him this photo which he captured off of the ACP's April update on YouTube.  I went to YouTube to watch this video and it just shows a quick view of the above and once again, no fanfare.

Earlier in the week prior to Bill sending me this capture, I received another email from someone that attached the image below.  Although it is a terrible image, it shows the only way to get onto Gatun Island.  This is a ACP advisory release and photo:

Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 5:17 PM
Subject: Desvío de Tráfico por el Tapón Sur  

This is to alert everyone that from April 12, 2016, vehicular traffic traveling to Costa Abajo or Ft. Sherman will be on the Gate No.1, by following the route to the Visitors Center Atlantic, and continuing along the access road running past the Dock 45 project area to cross the new locks above the Gate No.1.

Once across the gate, the continue on the street running by the Div
ing School, past the Yacht Club, and on to the Gatun Locks  The reverse route is to travel from Costa Abajo to the city of Colon.

The traffic will run in both directions simultaneously on the stretches of road outside the project area and in one direction at a time in the area within the project.

We request all travelers to respect the traffic signs and to drive carefully.

When Bill sent me the above image, it then made sense why I received the ACP advisory earlier.

I guess until the new bridge is completed, this will be the way to get to Gatun, Gatun Locks, Costa Abajo and Fort Sherman.

I couldn't find any of this info on the ACP website. things are changing.


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