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May 25, 2008 

I was going through a CD of great old photos that CZ Images contributor Joe Rodaks sent me.  The photos on the CD are from Joe's father, Alexander J. Rodaks, Sr. who served in the U.S. Army's 65th Coastal Artillery in Fort Amador during 1927 - 1930.. While serving in Panama,  Alexander accumulated some really great and unique photos.  I wanted a military photo for this week's photo of the week to salute our military heroes' of yesteryear and today.  Although the defenders of the Panama Canal were fortunate not to have any action in Panama, they served a very important mission for the United States and the maritime world.

This week's photo is significance in many ways.  At first I was puzzled as to where this photo was taken, but quickly identified the location with a few key landmarks.  The Admin. building is on the hill to the left, Sosa Hill is in the distance, a young Banyan tree lined Roosevelt Avenue is seen behind the troop formation and the best clue is the little octagon shaped building in the center right of the photo.  This was the old newspaper, magazine, snack and soda stand in front of the Balboa Train Station that all us Zonians remember so well.  Hence, we have a major formation of soldiers, including the band, in front of the Balboa Train Station.  What was the occasion to draw this many troops here?  Someone very important was about to arrive on the train.  Anyone know who?

As time permits, I plan on posting all of the Rodaks photos in a separate presentation.  There are many great photos in this collection.

Happy Memorial Day to all and God Bless !!!


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