Photo of the Week
April 22, 2012

This week's photo is a continuation of the French Dredge series showing a great capture in time when something has gone terribly wrong.  

I have seen this same photo in an old colorized post card where the capture on the photo mentions that the man standing has been given the job of up righting this ladder dredge.  Having the large original scan I have been able to study the photo closely.  This is the same type of ladder dredge in last week's photo.  There are some workers in small boats under the dredge in the shade which I don't think was a very good idea if the dredge decided to settle more.  There are quite a few heavy chains holding the dredge from flipping more, but  I not sure I would trust that.  I can only imagine how many workers it took to set all these chains up as I am sure each one is quite heavy.  If in fact the man standing on the shore has been tasked to fix this problem, he has a big job ahead of him.  I did some research here and there and didn't find any report or reference to this incident.   I have seen photos of dredges sunk near Gorgona that were deserted by the French and left to the elements.  This could very well be one of those dredges.  It looks like this photo could have been taken in the Chagres River or then again along the French Canal.  I don't know.  Maybe someone out there knows the story and will write in.  I also noted that I count three French Construction mini-dump cars scattered around.  This could have been the situation as I mentioned above that this equipment was abandoned.

Photo courtesy of Ron Armstrong, CZ Images contributor.  Thanks so much Ron.

Next week is another super photo from Ron's collection.


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