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May 21, 2017

This week's photos are in memory of my good friend and CZ Images assistant detective Nina Brown Kosik.  Nina has been a good CZ Images partner for years researching different,  questionable and unknown photos posted to this website.  Nina passed away on May 6th in Panama.  We had just finished up with the Red, White and Blue Troupe project in January - March of this year.  The last time I heard from Nina was on March 10th when she emailed me a photo that she was in at Gamboa Pool with coach Greiser. I  thought it odd that I didn't hear from Nina after that email until my good friend Vicente Pascual wrote me about her passing.  Vicente mentioned that Nina had been in ICU for six weeks before passing so I guess that is why I hadn't heard from her.  It feels very odd now when I do my photo of the week that Nina won't be seeing or commenting on it.  She told me that she set up a trigger on her computer telling her when I posted an update.  I usually take a death of friend  as time passing, but Nina…I  will miss you so much more.  I posted a photo the day after I heard of her passing and thought to myself that Nina will not be seeing it as she made sure she did every week.   I told Vicente that I was having a very hard time with all this and he wrote: 

"It does hurts when people you love and who's friendship you enjoy pass away, leaving you with a little empty space. Nevertheless, a sense of joy also arises for having the opportunity and blessing to have met them in life. These are the bitter sweet experiences that teach us to value friendship and those we care about."

I put together a little collage of photos that I got of Nina to post. Two are from her 1955 BHS Zonian year book (her senior year).  The photo sitting in the car was a full page titled Most Popular.  The young Nina photo was the last photo she sent me.  The other two were sent to me by  the Elk's Club in Balboa.

God Bless you Nina and may the Lord take you in his arms.

Nina…we still have history to discuss when I get there in Heaven with you.  Until then ....I will miss you.

Below is an obit that Nina's daughter Laura wrote:

Kosik (Brown), Nina Marie, 79, Panama City, Panama, passed away on May 6th, 2017 in the land that she loved, Panama. Nina was born to John and Emma (Van Clief) Brown, on November 16th, 1937 in Colon, Panama and never left the country. She lived in Colon then moved to Red Tank, Pedro Miguel, and Gamboa in her childhood life. When she married August (Gus) Kosik, they were living in Rousseau then Cardenas where her children (Kyle and Laura) were born. Then she took her children to live in Ft Clayton as she was a civilian working for the Army. She worked at the Civil Engineers for a few years in Corozal then retired out of Building 519 in Ft Clayton. During this time, we moved to Panama City but when her children grew up and left the nest she remained in the City. Mom was a graduate of Balboa High School 1955 and was well loved by her classmates and many other Zonians. She loved her horses at the saddle club in Pedro Miguel, and loved bowling at the Balboa Bowling at least 4 nights a week.


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