Photo of the Week
June 19, 2022

Well, it is time the USS Iowa finishes it's transit.  Sorry I have been out of the loop, but as Reunion Coordinator for the Panama Canal Society, it seems like I got on a spaceship and have been on a long journey.  I am getting caught up...I  think....I hope, so I figured I better post a photo/s of the week.  Thanks to those that have written to see if I am still alive.

Today's photos bring out some fond memories of our life back in the Canal Zone.  This week we are featuring Mancha 7 Gato the Panama Canal Burritos.  Here is an article out of the Panama Canal Review:

"Parents who take their youngster for a day at Summit Gardens are almost sure to be asked to take them for a ride on one of the two burritos, Mancha or Gato.  Presented  as a gift from former Canal Zone Gov. Robert J. Fleming, Jr., the sturdy burritos mean free rides to children visiting Summit.  The pair serve as ambassadors of good will at various fairs throughout the Republic of Panama.  The are usually seen by the Panama Canal pavilion at the fairs where local kiddies are given rides.

Mancha & Gato are a distant memory for most, but today they live again as photo of the week.

Warren H. Smith collection.




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