Photo of the Week
July 17, 2022

Well the Panama Canal Society Reunion for 2022 is in the history books and what a GREAT reunion it was.  Unfortunately Orange County Florida and the City of Orlando didn't stress to us that that area was festering with the BA-5 variant which is the fastest spreading variant and vaccines don't do well with prevention of infection.  There were quite a few of our attendees go home sick.  It just shows that this isn't over and never will be, so keep alert and practice all the safe precautions that we have been taught.

Well, now that the reunion is over, I can get my life back to some normalcy. This week's photo was sent to my by my brother and is a breath of fresh air in this day and age.  I bought many a brown bag full of fresh popped pop corn at this refreshment stand at the Balboa Theater in the Canal Zone.  I remember it like yesterday.  You could always slip the server an extra dime and get double the butter.  If we knew then what we know now about butter .....!  Those were the days......Long live the memories of our Canal Zone life.....


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