Photo of the Week
November 6, 2011

Continuing with the new personal collection from Dick White's uncle's collection.  This photo is a mystery photo for me,  but may be the old wooden school that was replaced with the new concrete school that most of us remember as the Balboa Elementary School, but originally was the High School.  The writing on the back of the photo states:

"Side view of C.Z.H.S. Balboa, C.Z. - Not a window in the building. - walls built up only part way."

I could have sworn I had a photo showing this building while the new concrete building was under construction.  This photo was part of the same group of photos I posted last week of the building of El Prado housing and Administration Building stairs.  With the disturbed earth in the foreground of the photo, it could very well be the construction debris at the base of the Admin. Building seen in last week's photo.  Any confirmation out there that this photo is in fact the old wooden school building?


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