Photo of the Week
February 28, 2016

I don't get stumped too many times on these old photos, but this one has thrown me.  This is a scanned image from my Father-in-Laws slides that was probably taken in the 1950's.  There is the huge monument that I don't recognize.  Maybe it was demolished before I grew up.  I am not sure if this is Colon or Panama City.  There is a railroad crossing in the background.  Maybe this was taken when the Panama Railroad still ran down to the Panama City Train Station.  I cannot make out the words on the signs on the building in the distance.  There are some girls that have the customary Panama Schools uniforms and what looks like some Asian tourists walking about.

Any clues?  Let me know if you recognize this monument and location.

CZ Images contributor Nina Brown sent in this in after my posting of this photo.

Bill, that looks like the Remon Monument in the Shaler Triangle (Cinco de Mayo) area of Panama City. To the left of the photographer is the old PRR Station / Museum. Has had surrounding major development since the assassination. The Legislature built right behind it & above the little hill would have been the Tivoli (now the site of the Smithsonian).

Nice picture.


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