Photo of the Week
March 16, 2014

This week's photo another great blast from the past in many ways.  This is one of many photos that my old friend Perry Truxton several years ago.  I was looking through them the other day and really liked this one.  This is back in the golden days of the Canal Zone and a Carnaval Parade came through Ancon.  Here we have the Chesterfield Cigarette float with a big papier-mâché sculpture of a big clown king with a cigarette in a cigarette holder in his mouth.  Back in the day when tobacco wasn't taboo.  The float is passing by the old Ancon Commissary or the Central Employment Office depending on the time frame.  By the looks of the old cars, I would say this photo was early 1950s.  One of the coolest things about this photo is the Tivoli Hotel seen on the hill in the distance.

Thanks Perry for the memory.


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