Photo of the Week
December 9, 2001

This week's photo and mini presentation should bring back some great memories from back home in the Zone.  We didn't have snow, but we had CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!  Although this and the other photos in the three page presentation (see below for linke) are black and white, imagination can color them up.

Remember "Christmas Heights" in Curundu? 

"MERRY CHRISTMAS" is the greeting in this picture of the center circle at the top of Summit Drive in Curundu Heights.  The greeting is the same, spoken and unspoken, throughout the Canal Zone, the Republic of Panama, and the world.  Spoken, it's in may tongues.  Unspoken, it gleams form thousands of home on the Isthmus in many more thousands of lights and ingenious decorations.  Persons on transiting ships have often expressed gratitude for the effort put forth on decorations "to make it a Merry Christmas for people they would never see" - people far from home.  These efforts, and points along the Canal, and in gaily decorated homes in townsites visible from the Canal. 

Panama Canal Review - December 1963

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