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November 22, 2015

This week we have some more recent photos sent in by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall just yesterday.  Bill was on one of his cruise ship transits last week and was able to get off the ship and visit the new Agua Clara locks (Gatun).  Here is Bill's narration for this week's photos.

Hi Bill,

 Here is a picture of the only land link that is keeping Gatun from becoming an island.  It is also the temporary road for the return from the west bank or Gatun Locks.  Getting to west bank or Gatun Locks is over the lock gate like I sent last week and the single lane bridge at Gatun Locks.  Only one ferry (only weekends) is running right now and the new bridge won't be ready till some time in 2017. 

It is strange having no land link north of the new locks.  In May when I was there, the old road was still there and in use.  There are a couple of contract dredges working at deepening the Atlantic approach channel with the new Agua Clara Locks.  

First picture.  Note the floating spare gates in Gatun Lake.  Not sure when the rest of the dike separating Agua Clara Locks and the lake.  Probably not before the get both ferries up and running full time.  The pipes that they used to flood the locks is where the gap in the roadway is near the orange fencing.  Check out the massive intakes and the rubber tires at the knuckle.

Second picture is where the road used to be to get to Gatun Locks.  Dredges are working to deepen the channel.

Third picture is looking from the viewer stand for the new locks.  The tall structure under construction is the control house.  The lower gate is the one that is used to cross to Gatun.  You can see the dredges at work in the approach channel.  The blue roof buildings control the various aspects of the operation or maintenance of the new locks. 

Fourth picture shows the new massive gates in place.  The water saving basins are to the rear of the blue building.

Thank you for sending in these great photos Bill.





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