Photo of the Week
February 14, 2016

As a follow up to last week's photo of the Santa Clara Casino, CZ Images contributor Nina Brown sent me the photo above that she took in 2003.  In Nina's email she wrote:" Inside, a young, hard working, Chinese couple with an infant was running a kitchen with cafeteria food --- looked pretty good.   Said they provided food for the buses that made it a routine stop for food & bathrooms. Chairs & tables still there & I could almost hear the voices."  I love it when the photo of the week brings back memories.  I had a couple of other CZ Images visitors emails stating that the old photo brought back fond memories.

Well this led me on a search for what the old building is today and because of the Internet, now I know.  I first went to Google Earth and found that the building is still there which led me to a web site of Restaurante XOKO - Comida Mediteranea (click here) where I snagged some photos.  One photo is of the inside which shows the old building is in very good shape after all these years.  See the photos below.

So...there you have the rest of the story.




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