Photo of the Week
March 14, 2021

We are moving on this week with some photos that my brother Barry scanned and sent to me out of his collection.  My brother and I grew up in the town of Los Rios, Canal Zone.  It was a special town to grow up in.  Very peaceful and many great adventures to be had.  Los Rios was built on land that was once the military base of Corozal.  When the military turned over that portion of the base that would become Los Rios was leveled except a few concrete houses and the swimming pool.  The land was all scraped, reformed with all new streets and houses. See photo of the week from April, 2018.  As you can see portions of the new town of Los Rios and still there is the swimming pool.  Also see photo of the week from February 2018.  There you will see a couple more photos of the pool up close, a photo of the old Corozal housing that was leveled, a map of the old Corozal and a modern day aerial showing  the location of the pool.  After Los Rios was built and with someone's infinite wisdom, the pool was drained and filled with dirt.  All the operation systems were removed and the pool became a play ground.  That playground was all of us kid's hang out for so many years.  Also served as our bus stop in our Jr. and Sr. High school years.  I see the bus stop is still there in the photo below.  These other two photos my brother took when on a trip back to Panama just before Covid19 took the world by storm.  The old playground looks good and brings back many memories.  As you can see, surrounding the dirt play ground is a thick slab of concrete.  That was the deck of the old pool.  The Panama government  (Ancon) has really taken care of the old playground with fencing and modern improvements. 




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