Photo of the Week
November 21, 1999

 This weeks image is a really classic post card that I recently purchased off of eBay. I couldn't help but buy this piece of history.  I couldn't believe that they actually made a post card on how to get to Pete's Bar in Panama City.  This is a real treasure!!  This post card as it is definitely a unique part of the military's history in the Canal Zone. This post card is from the 30's or '40s. Check out the battleship at dock. 

Even after all those years, I remember a good rum drink or cold beer at Pete's in the late 60's....Another piece of our American Heritage in the Canal Zone.

I have blown this drawing up to 700 pixels so you can se the detail.  It may take some time to load.  Although I have blown this image up, you may not be able to read the road map.

Balboa Docks to, Club House, Masonic, Cable--Pete's Hub Saloon - Central Ave. and Hindoos Stores....  This is great stuff!!!

This piece of history is going to our Panama Canal Museum in St. Pete. Florida...

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