Photo of the Week
February 14, 2021

This week we continue with the Robert Bodle photo collection taken during the construction of the U.S. Canal in Panama.  

This week's photo is a photo of Robert's house in Empire.  These were the standard housed for married Canal workers and were known as the 
"Type 14 House".  I posted house plans of this type house back in 2011 and you can see them by clicking here.  This is the rear of the house with a road in front.  These were designed to house four families.  I love the laundry on the clothes line.  If you look closely at the ground floor and back stairs, there is a lady standing at the top of the stairs.  Well, that is Mrs. Bodle, A.K.A. Helen Butler Bodle.  The photo below is Helen in her veranda.  Helen must have loved plants.  I wonder if she dressed up for the photo as I would think that dress would be quite hot in the Panama heat.

All these houses were dismantle after the Canal opened and relocated where needed if in good shape still.

More Bodle photos to come.

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