Photo of the Week
April 9, 2017

I was at the University of Florida's grand opening of the new Panama Canal Museum Corridor Gallery last weekend and was loaned this great photo to scan by Peggy Huff. This is a great photo of the "Mighty Mo" - USS Missouri transiting the Canal during WWII.  I got a kick out of looking at the men that are on the lock wall.  There are five military with helmets with three of them sitting possibly off duty as they don't have a side arm on. The guy walking with the undershirt on looks like a real character.  No dress code back in the day.  The Missouri and other battleships of that class barely fit in the lock chambers. 

I have always associated the Missouri with our SS Ancon from the Panama Line.  There is a historical photo that was taken in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese boarded the Missouri to sign the unconditional surrender document.  I have posted this photo below.  What makes this photo even more historic for us Zonians is the the SS Ancon is seen off the distance (identified with a yellow arrow).  The SS Ancon went to war in WWII as a communications ship and saw lots of action and took part in many historic battles.  Fortunately she was never harmed.

Below is a photo of the plaque that is mounted on the deck of the Missouri where the signing took place.

I will have some more about the SS Ancon next week.




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