Photo of the Week
October 2, 2011

Two more
great photos from the Fred and Lilian Ramsey collection that was sent to me by Richard Crowe who is Fred Ramsey's Great Nephew. 

This weeks photos are taken at Panama Viejo (Old Panama).  These are classic photos as I got to thinking about how and how long would it take you to get to Old Panama back in 1906.  What roads were there?  Did you have to go by boat or maybe by horse back.  Here you see Lilian on a horse with the old church tower in the back ground.  The photo below caught my eye and had to post it as it shows Lilian holstering a side arm (pistol) on her belt.  Not sure if this was common practice in the day, but I found it very interesting.  It appears that there was still a white sand beach off of the Panama Viejo area.

As always...super great photos and truly great captures of the times back in 1906.

Next week will probably be the last from this collection and we will move on to new subject matter.  It has been a great time posting this collection and I have learned so much from the old photos.  I hope you have too.

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