Photo of the Week
August 10, 2003

I was looking through my old engraving images this weekend and have always liked this particular one.  I have no idea who the artist was, but it is a classic scene at the beginning of the Las Cruces Trail in the old town of Las Cruces.  These isthmian travelers have made their way from the old town of Chagres at Fort San Lorenzo and braved the rapids near Gorgona. Now they are mounting their Burros to continue to Panama City via the Las Cruces Trail.  As you can see by the artist's depiction here, it was very primitive. The land you see in the foreground is now under water since the flooding of the Gatun Lake.  The church in the far ground center which is above the water line was a favorite spot for treasure hunters in my days back home.  The foundation for this old church still exists today and is so inspiring to sit on the old stone foundation and think back to the times long gone.

I have many more great engraving images that I will share here on CZ Images in the near future.  These scenes are very important, as there was no cameras back then.

Long live the history of Panama and our Canal Zone home.

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